Tied Up School Babe Aurora Belle


The sexy teen Aurora Belle gets a surprise training with her teacher after school.

The video starts with the sexy Aurora is sitting in the bathroom with her hands tied up.

The buttons of the school blouse she is wearing were all unbuttoned.

The teacher comes into the bathroom and pulls the leash to lead her out of the bathroom.

He tied her up to a wooden pillar and takes out a spanker to threaten her.

The teacher pushes her to squat on the floor and unzip his pants to draw out his boner.

He slowly inserts the cork into her mouth and gets her to give him a blowjob.

After a while, the teacher lifts her to stand up and places Aurora’s left leg on his shoulder.

Aurora’s leg was spread wide to expose her hot pussy for the teacher.

The teacher slowly inserts his hard cork into her pussy and begins to fucked her in a one-leg standing pose.

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