Step Mom And Step Daughter Swimming Pool Horror


The stepmom and her daughter goes to the swimming pool and something horror happen to them.

The video starts with the stepmom and her teen daughter enters the swimming pool area.

They find two beach chairs and put their thing on the chair and place their towel on it.

The stepmom and the teen daughter starts to undress and reveal their sexy bikini.

They sit down to take a rest on the beach chair and starts to chat.

The teen daughter decides to go to the pool lounge to get something for the stepmom.

A stranger in a mask enters the lounge and hide before the teen daughter enters the lounge.

He grabs hold of the teen daughter immediately from the back when she closes the door to the lounge

The stranger starts to tie her hands behind the back with ropes and strips her.

After a while, the stepmom finds it strange that the daughter is not back yet and decides to take a look.

She enters the room to find her daughter on the floor, the stranger appears and starts to hogtied her after some struggle.

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