Secretary Gets Tied Up and Fucked By Her Boss


The beautiful secretary, Kinky always makes mistakes at work and afraid of been punished by her boss.

The video starts with Kinky is standing in her boss’s office with her hands at the back while the boss is reading her report.

She is fiddling with her fingers and nervous looking at the boss. Kinky starts to bite her lips as the boss seems to be angry.

Kinky felt disappointed when the boss shouts at her and she leaves the room.

She finds a quiet corner of the office and starts to touch her pussy with her fingers.

Kinky comes back to the office the next day and the boss is waiting for her at the door with the report.

She throws her bag to the floor and asks the boss to tie her to punish her.

The boss picks up a cloth from the floor and tie her hands with it.

He turns her around and starts to punish her by spanking her butt with his hand.

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