Queen Chained And Dominating Her Slave


The queen is bored and she wants to have some bedroom femdom with her slave.

The video starts with the blindfolded slave is lying on the bed naked, his hands are touching his dick to make it stand.

The masked queen is wearing sexy purple lingerie climbs onto the bed and starts to cuff his hands with the handcuffs.

She takes out a marker and starts to write various words like slut etc on the slave’s body.

The queen grabs hold of the slave’s cork and masturbate it while her other hand is stroking her pussy.

She lifts up part of her mask to expose her mouth and starts to give the slave a blowjob.

The queen takes out a vibrator and uses it to stimulate the slave’s cork before using it to fuck her wet pussy.

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Queen Femdom

Slave Gets Chained

Tied Up

The Queen Dominating Her Slave

Chained and Blindfolded