Mellisandra Sweet Revenge To Cheating Boyfriend


It’s a sunny day and the hot brunette Mellisandra is going to punish her cheating boyfriend.

The video starts with Mellisandra in a bedroom choosing what should she be wearing for a date.

She picked up a call from her friend and tells her that they saw her boyfriend is with another girl last night in the club.

Mellisandra plans to gets revenge and invites the boyfriend over to her house.

She is wearing sexy lingerie and gets the boyfriend to sits on the couch beside the bed.

Mellisandra takes out a leash and handcuffs telling the boyfriend she wants to have fun and tied his hands up

She puts a mouth gag on his mouth and tape him to the couch so that he can’t go anywhere.

Mellisandra brings a guy into the room and tells her boyfriend that she going to take revenge by fucking the guy in front of him.

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