Cute Babysitter Gets Tied Up


The cute babysitter is having a bet with her friend by getting tied up and loses the bet.

The video starts with the sexy brunette babysitter is talking to a friend that just comes back home.

The friend pays her and says thanks to her for helping him looking after his little brothers.

She tells him that she was playing a game of tied up with the brothers and she keeps winning.

The friend decides to make a bet of tying her up and if she can free herself within 10 minutes, she will get paid double.

He starts to tie her hands up with the string on the table and tape her mouth before walking away.

She struggles for 10 minutes and loses her bet with the friend, he comes back and starts to blindfold her.

The friend bends down and they start to french kiss passionately. He moves his hand underneath her top and caresses her tits.

After a while, he stands up and take out the brunette’s top and unzip his shorts to free his cock for a blowjob.

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