Carolina Sweet Escape From The Cops


It is a wonderful day and beautiful young blonde Carolina Sweets is mischievous staying outdoor with her boyfriend.

The video starts with Carolina is holding a spray can beside an abandoned house doing graffiti while her boyfriend records her.

She gets mischievous and pushes her red bikini cup to the side to expose her beautiful tits to her boyfriend.

The cops suddenly appear and stop them, they get handcuffed by the cops and escort into the police vehicle.

Carolina had a mischievous idea and starts to bend down to suck her boyfriend’s dick when the cops are not looking.

The cops noticed what Carolina is doing in the backseat and drags them out of the vehicle.

The cops are angry and drag Carolina and her boyfriend out of the vehicle to confront them.

Carolina and her boyfriend managed to break away from the cops and escape quickly.

After a while, they managed to find a quiet location and decides to take a rest.

Carolina mischievous mind starts again and continues to give her boyfriend a blowjob.

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